A collection of the most powerful
Geo processing tools

Ensure all your site assessments are backed by layouts based on actual site topography.
Develop design grade site topography maps.

Do more with terrain data

Rapid processing and Reporting

  • 24 hour turn around time
  • High resolution ortho maps
  • AutoCAD/ SHP/ kml outputs

Interactive Construction Tools

  • Measure areas and distances
  • Calculate Cut/Fill volumes
  • Collaborate effectively with the ability to annotate and share markups

Solar Plant Auto-layout

  • Develop optimal array layout based on terrain, site location and insolation data

Prepare for adverse weather with advanced Hydrology

  • Create run-off channels and assign keep-out areas around water stagnation points
  • Perform watershed analysis and predict water flows


SenseHawk InSiteTM is a cloud based platform designed to help you manage all your asset operations with a single software solution. Think of it as an operating system for all functions related to your asset. Applications that can be installed to manage every aspect of asset design, construction and operation, & tools to use the latest in data acquisition – from UAVs to IoT. Think of it as a digital twin of your real asset