A powerful thermal inspection tool for
your solar asset

InSiteTM Therm brings together world leading expertise in PV performance and the experience of over 2GW of thermal analysis.

Preempt major plant failures
through thermal analysis

Scalable AI architecture

  • Faults classified based on probable cause and filterable based on temperature
  • Enumerated at plant level and at inverter level
  • SCADA add-on module analyses impact of faults on yield

Dive deep for module level insights

  • Get precise locations
  • Create service requests
  • Add notes and comments
  • Track solution status

Solve issues on field using the Companion mobile App

  • Navigate directly to faults using the generated thermal map as reference on your GPS enabled mobile device


SenseHawk InSiteTM is a cloud based platform designed to help you manage all your asset operations with a single software solution. Think of it as an operating system for all functions related to your asset. Applications that can be installed to manage every aspect of asset design, construction and operation, & tools to use the latest in data acquisition – from UAVs to IoT. Think of it as a digital twin of your real asset.